company vision
“use technology makes the world better” is the vision goal of Ajutu. Since its inception, Ajutu has been diligently digging into computer technology, thinking about interactive experiences, researching user values, and working hard to make the world a better place for technology!
business introduction
Ajutu's business is divided into three parts, product development, outsourcing services and tencent cloud server
product development currently has college student social platform(HiPlus), enterprise AI services.
Outsourcing services cover all traditional IT projects such as websites, applets, apps, H5, and desktop applications. Ajutu continues to pay attention to the technological development of the international frontier, while adhering to excellent code specifications and design.
company origin
Ajutu full name: Shenzhen Ajutu Technology Co., Ltd.
Company was born in June 2016. At that time, several young people were full of expectations for the future, but they were riddled with heavy work and real interests, and they could hardly see their inner dreams. After several discussions, they finally created a company that exists for their dreams, and returned the goodness of the heart to themselves, and brought it to the people around them. Ah, it represents the inner sigh; the giant way refers to the future of Yuanda, and together they are called Ajutu, so Ah Jutu was born.
company culture
  • Steve Jobs

    stay hungry. stay foolish

  • Lu ban

    Craftsman spirit. refine on

  • bee

    hardworking and kind. dedication